Wednesday, September 06, 2006

i can breathe!

finally they have removed the scaffolding from our house. it's been up for over a month even though the painters only painted for about a week out of that month. this is how our landlord does things. i wouldn't be complaining if the house turned out the above color, but alas that is someone else's house. ours is tan with brown trim. an ugly tan.

they had netting around the scaffolding, which made the flat dark. it's amazing how dependent i am on light. when i look at a place to live, light is always on the top of my requirements list. another creepy thing was that the scaffolding went right up to our windows, which don't lock. one evening i was taking out the trash and found a man clinging to the bottom of the scaffolding and eyeballing the levels. for like 5 minutes at least. he looked like he was considering a breakin or maybe a nap. anyhow, i'm so glad the scaffolding is gone! the curtains are up and the sun is pouring in. horay!

time to do some sewing before school. hand quilting takes forever. i'm thinking about investing in a new sewing machine. but i'm not ready for sewing machine advice yet, so i'll ask you dear sewing readers for it later.

i need to get some cds to replace old tapes. specifically lately i've been wanting:

the dirty dancing soundtrack(s)
the cure
the sundays

also want:
antony and the johnsons
screamin' jay hawkins


Jessica said...

That cd collection is speaking my name, I love the Cure and the dirty dancing soundtrack has been replaying over and over in my ipod.

Lina said...

Ljus är verkligen livsviktigt. Jag njuter så länge jag kan, för nu höstas det verkligen.

(Jag har kommit till queerfeminismen i genusstudierna, radikalfeminismen var särskilt givande. Har du läst SCUM manifesto? Sara Stridsberg har skrivit Drömfakulteten, en litterär fantasi om Valerie Solanas. Den rekommenderas varmt om du kan lägga vantarna på ett ex därborta i västern. Den sätts upp på Dramaten i höst också.)

Anya said...

ooooh, yeah, that green would have been nice. Hooray for SUNSHINE... glad you have light again. You are a lot like my friend Victoria -- she pretty much wilts and dies without sunlight!
; )
I love love love ABBA!! But not as much as I love ERASURE!
: )

Fräulein Kompliziert said...
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