Friday, September 08, 2006

friday flickr faves + good stuff

i like pets sleeping on hands pics.
i love this photo of karin's. that tablecloth is so summery. and those cups. just after fika.
treeclimbing when little.
this looks so peaceful. i want to lie down there.

danish posters - neato
metro logos from around the world. the swedish underground (tunnelbana which directly translated is tunnel rail or tunnel track) is the T in the third row from the bottom inside a circle and a square.
daily type cool!!
old silkscreen instuctions (pdf)

oh and just found irina troitskaya. wow. also on flickr. check out the bear and bird story.

happy weekend!

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Michael said...

I am in your debt for troitskaya's website/work. It is absolutely captivating. (I'm also in first year Russian, so it's fun for that as well)