Sunday, September 17, 2006

job interviews, pools and plates

oy. had a job interview friday at a cooperative bakery i like. i think i botched the interview. i got so nervous, twitchy and inarticulate. and i said some just stupid stuff. i even forgot what i'd been asked a few times. i managed to in turn both ramble and answer abruptly. nerves. what can you do. yoga i guess.

speaking of exercise, i miss swimming at the ucsf pool. (and i miss the sauna even more!) i'm trying the local parks and rec pool out. it's longer, which is good. and outdoors, which is both good (sunlight) and bad (will get cold). the floor is tiled, and it's pretty to look at the sun/shadow patterns on the floor while swimming. it gets really wavy, which i'd like to say is cool/more natural, but it sucks when you go to take a breath and catch a wave in your mouth. and the lanes are too wide. there are only two lanes! too many people swimming around each other/narrowly avoiding kicking each other in the head. the main problem however, is the locker room. it's somewhat swampy (ew). and no place to hang anything (shampoo, towel) in the shower. and of course, no sauna. but i'm not ready to fork over a bunch of moola for 24 hour fitness or the like yet.

bugheart gwen inspired me with all her RAD collections and collection collages. the above photo is part of my collection of swedish plates. every time i go back, i go to the used plate store and buy a few plates. it's hard to choose because there are so many beautiful patterns. some of the above i'm no longer that excited about. it's challenging to pack plates for transatlantic travel. i spose i could ship them, but thus far i've managed not to break any plates in travel.

here is a closeup of the bluebells on the blaklocka cup.

and another plate closeup.

and one last.

a swedish online thrift store


meg said...

beautiful collection! that last plate is killer.

shoobydoo said...

wonderful collection, you must have a great eye for things like this!

abby said...

oh man!
i am sooo bad at interviews!
I hope you find the right job for you. i really am looking to quit my job and go back to baking/cooking or something similar. it really does feel rewarding.
your plates are awesome.
i feel ya on the gym thing-not ready to fork over the cash either!

Anya said...

Sorry you don't feel it went well, but GOOD FOR YOU for getting out there and doing it!! That's the hardest part...

ohmygod... I LOVE that green cup & saucer! Love love love it!!!
: )

jenifer74 said...

beautiful bluebells teapot & saucer! i get that way in interviews too; thank god i've been in one place now for 6 years! :)

Katia said...

Of course, Swedes gotta have their saunas. :)

Unfortunately I don't speak swedish. I tried to learn online a bit before I went to Sweden the last time (4 years ago?) and I actually did understand quite a bit. It's really not as hard as I thought it would be. Just all those new vowels.
I haven't been to the Lucia Festival yet. I've only been living in SF for a year and a half and I didn't know about it last year, but I'm very excited to go this year. We even named our baby Lucia, only we pronounce it the italian way Loo-Chee-Ah, in honor of my husband's heritage.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. It's nice to meet you. :) Let me know if you'd like to meet for coffee sometime.

Good luck with the interviewing. You never know, they might have really liked you.

Take care,

Shari said...

hi shash,

oh i hate interviewing!! i am just a nervous person in general so interviews are so hard. good luck!

your plate collection is lovely.

take good care, shari