Tuesday, September 26, 2006

two more artists: sarah haba and lisa solomon

sarah haba is a friend from college who i recently met up with again this week. her work is in the cole cafe right now. i love the light in her paintings. there is something haunting about them too. her paintings are featured here on apartment therapy.

and of course you know fellow blogger lisa solomon. i went to see her wonderful artwork in the nostalgia (front window picture above) show at aftermodern. (now i want to go to her show at limn too.) the nostalgia show is in a cool, modern building that is just small enough to feel intimate, which is appropriate for the art there right now i think. i liked that there was a relationship with the other artists' work there despite the fact that the mediums were all different. (i know they're supposed to have nostalgia in common, but often shows don't really seem that cohesive despite a theme, which is fine with me too actually. but interesting when there is a relationship that can be found/made.)

another artist in the nostalgia show, lisa kokin, makes these elaborate, dense button pieces. this was my favorite (and least dense) of hers. it's much more interesting in person because you can see all the strange buttons that are strung/sewn across the hula hoop.

if you're in sf, check these out!

oh, and on the theme of nostalgia, here's a line i like from a book i just read, the sea, by john banville:

The past beats inside me like a second heart.


vegasandvenice said...

You are all certainly a talented group of girls! Hugs!

Listoria said...

lisa kokin's button work reminds me of the amazing button constellations that gracia & louise have over at hammer & daisy! very cool!


one black bird said...

i'm gonna go check these shows out now that i can. so much to see in good ol' s.f.

lisa s said...

totally blushing over here... thanks for going to look shash!

looking forward to seeing you on friday yes??

[and i LOVE the between windows... the images... the sentiment. perfection!]